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Land Rover Is Sending Piss-Drinking Bug-Eater Bear Grylls To Space

Illustration for article titled Land Rover Is Sending Piss-Drinking Bug-Eater Bear Grylls To Space
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British Special Forces reservist turned guy-who-eats-gross-things on TV Bear Grylls will be flying to outer space on Land Rover's tab, thanks to the company's affiliation with private space-travel outfit Virgin Galactic and Bear's role as Land Rover's spokeswildman.


If you ever needed proof that drinking pee can make your astronautical dreams come true, here you go I guess.


Fun as it is to tease Mr. Grylls for the sensational survival tactics he's endured to make entertaining TV, he's undeniably done a great job creating a marketable caricature of himself. Case in point: Land Rover is sending him to freaking space. I'd probably be anybody's spokesperson if that was part of the deal.

Specifically, the corporate tie-in is that Bear helped launch Land Rover's "Galactic Discovery" competition which was basically a contest of who could do the most badass outdoorsy stuff; the prize being a ride in Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, which will hit Mach 3.5 and fly very, very high.

Bear delivered a classic killer soundbite for Land Rover; "I've stood on top of Mount Everest and looked up at the black above me, thinking 'there's only one place higher to go now.'"

Image: Andrew P. Collins with graphics from Land Rover, NASA, Bear Grylls' official Facebook page

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Bear Grylls is a perfect representative for Land Rover.

He survives in the wild by having a huge support team follow him, and then goes to sleep in a five star hotel pretending he's roughing it.

Les Stroud is the American offroader in this scenario. Even though he's Canadian. Shut up. It works.