This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Top Gear honored the Delta Integrale last weekend, and now it's our turn!

One doesn't expect to run into one of these screamin' rally machines in Italy, much less California, yet quick-witted Naters4 was ready with his iPhone when he saw this car:

Hey Murilee,

I've been hunting this car for a while. I'd seen it driving around the neighborhood in San Francisco but had only managed shitty blurry phone pictures. Then I saw it park behind me as I got in my truck the other week outside Best Buy. A couple older Italian gentlemen (apparently father and son) got out and went into the store and I took pictures until they came back out and I could talk to them a little. Didn't talk much, but he offered to let me sit in it and after I asked about importing it he said it "cost as much to federalize it as it did to buy."

I only caught it at night, but I did my best to get some decent pictures. We tried with 3 cameras, and unfortunately the iPhone took most of the good ones but the color wasn't as great. I've included a couple with better color from a different camera.

Anyways, I finally got some time with the Italian ghost and your DOTSBE Lancia Fulvia inspired me to finally send my pictures in. Not sure if they are DOTS quality, but I hope so. At least worth having a look at because this car is so damn sexy.

Nate (aka Naters4)