Lancia is looking for a new range-topping sports car in the vein of it classic Stratos or Beta Montecarlo models. While it is likely that they will revive one of the classic nameplates, don't expect the return of a mid-engine rally car - for financial reasons they'll need to base the vehicle on an existing Alfa Romeo or Fiat chassis.

Speaking to Autocar, the company's CEO, Olivier Francois, revealed that he's trying to convince his boss, Fiat Group boss Sergio Marchionne, that such a vehicle would be a good idea.

While, in an ideal world, we'd prefer Lancia to resurrect the Stratos name with a mechanically similar vehicle, we do understand the financial pinch the company is in. Let's just hope they make the new version as beautiful as the classic sports cars Lancia is famous for. Giving the design job to Fenomenon would be a good start. [via Autocar]