Lamborghini's First EV Will Be A 'Mature' Coupe Design Likely Based On The Porsche Taycan: Report

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With the Lamborghini Urus driving sales and its first hybrid, the Lamborghini Sián, out of the way, the Italian supercar maker is looking to introduce a fourth series production model, and it sounds like it’s going to be fully electric possibly built on the Porsche Taycan platform.


At least, that’s what was heavily hinted at by Lambo R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani to Autocar:

“If you look at the timing for a fourth model line, there is the potential that this will be the right time for a full-electric vehicle,” he said. Reggiani added that such a car could use a platform from the broader Volkswagen Group, of which Lamborghini is a member.

The new model is expected to have at least a four-year development process, and Autocar reports it’s expected to debut around 2025. It’s also likely the new car will utilize one of parent-company Volkswagen Auto Group’s four current electric powertrains, most likely the PPE platform that the Taycan is built on.

But Lamborghini could put its own wist on the platform, including some of the supercapacitor tech found on the hybrid Sián that stores energy from regenerative braking to help boost lower-speed acceleration.

Just a year ago, Lamborghini was bragging that it would stick to V10 and V12 models until it could figure out how to get the range, performance, and noise (they actually literally cited noise as a concern, which is cool) out of an EV that Lamborghini customers should expect from one of their cars. It sounds like they may have figured out a way to do it now.


Autocar also claims the EV will be a “mature design” more like the Urus (are they joking?), and loosely based on the Estoque concept, though I figure that’s probably just a wild guess on the publication’s part as Maurizio wasn’t quoted on anything like that.

It’ll be a two-plus-two layout, and likely go a long way in keeping Lamborghini out of trouble with strict government emissions regulations. I just can’t help but feel like an electric Lambo with none of that screaming terror from a V10 or V12 just won’t have the same impact, but I’m hoping they surprise us.

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