Lamborghini Police Chase Disrupts Family's Memorial Day Cookout

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You know how it is. One minute you're at your family's Memorial Day cookout, just trying to grill a chicken and ignore grandpa when he goes off about "the death panels" and then BAM! A Lamborghini Gallardo shows up with a cadre of cops in pursuit.

That's what happened to one West Side Chicago family this past weekend. CBS Chicago says (in what is one of the more bizarrely-executed local TV stories I've seen in a while, where the reporter stops in to eat leftovers with the family and seriously says "The driver fled, we got fed") that the James family was eating dinner around 5 p.m. Monday when the black Lambo pulled into their alley and was quickly swarmed by police.


Moments earlier, police had been chasing the Lamborghini for unspecified reasons, but I think we can safely assume it had to do with speeding, drugs, car theft, or probably all three. The driver jumped out of the car and fled on foot, the report says, leaving the family bewildered and the cops in stitches.

"Really nice," witness Ron James said of the Lamborghini. "I even offered to drive it back to the station for them." His relative was more incredulous: "I mean, come on. A West Side Chicago Lamborghini? Really?"


The Gallardo now sits in a lonely impound lot while police continue to search for its driver. Meanwhile, this family is left with a Memorial Day story they probably won't forget.

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