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Lamborghini Plows Into Ferrari And We're Not Mad, Just Disappointed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last Friday a Lamborghini Huracán mutilated itself and a Ferrari 458 Italia in a wholly unspectacular low-speed collision. The automotive community has come together, gawked and cried out in unison: “Bummer.”

CTV is reporting that nobody was injured in the two-car crash in Vancouver’s Massey Tunnel, but has taken a particularly strong interest in the fact that both vehicles were driven by “novice” drivers as denoted by the “N” stickers on next to their license plates.


The local news report quotes law enforcement representative Sgt. Lorne Lecker as saying “speed does not appear to be a factor” here, before spending the rest of the broadcast on the hypothetical question of whether or not inexperienced drivers should be barred from operating four-wheeled weapons like these.

I mean, yeah there’s probably a long list of people that should not be allowed to own these cars. But last time I checked this was America. And in America we can drive as fast as we damn well can afford to.


Hang on, it’s that Vancouver? Oh yeah, you guys are screwed. Only a matter of days before your beautiful communist emperor snatches up every engine bigger than a Briggs & Stratton and makes you all get around on shared bicycles. Better hand over those high-performance cars now, kiddos. Send them on down here, we’ll keep them warm for you.

Hat tip to Alex!