Lamborghini Murciélago Flips In Fatal Crash

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According to Autogespot, the driver of this Lamborghini Murciélago smacked into a Spyker Mercedes and flew off the road in Belgium, killing the driver. Update below


The details are a little vague, and translated from Dutch, but it appears the accident occurred sometime Sunday morning Antwerp time. The driver of the Lamborghini made contact with a Spyker, hit a concrete curb, and landed on its roof. The driver of the Lamborghini was thrown from the car and died at the hospital. The passengers in the Spyker were unharmed.

The accident is being investigated, but if we were to guess — we're going with street racing. Otherwise the odds of both cars being in the same place at the same time are too astronomical for us to even contemplate. (Hat tip to Moosestar!)


Update: We're told that it might have actually been a wreck with a Mercedes, according to this source. Our Dutch readers want to translate for us?

Update 2: Our man Kris hooked us up with this description: "The driver, 36 years old, crashed his 320km/h limited Lamborghini at about 6am on Sunday morning on the Noorderlaan in Antwerp. The was very little traffic on the road and the drive did not keep himself to the speed limit. It still needs to be determined what speed he was going when he lost control in the bend. The driver died 2 hours later in hospital. On YouTube several clips can be found of the driver and his car as he used to arrange get-togethers in champagne bars with other exotic car drivers. 50 meters further was a damaged Mercedes which probably makes it a street-race, both cars are taken by the police for further investigation."


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