Pirelli has been Lamborghini's sole tire supplier since its establishment in 1963, so it was about time they got their special edition as well. The resulting two-tone Aventador Pirelli will be available both as a roadster and as a coupe.

Do you remember the first special edition Gallardo, the SE from 2008? Well, the Pirelli Aventador is a bit like that. You get two options here.


The first combination consists of a matte black roof, mirrors, pillars, engine cover and air intakes with a glossy finish for the rest with six colors to choose from. The other is the opposite, with a glossy top and one of four matte colors for the remaining bits.

You also get a thin red stripe running along the roof, the hood, the mirrors and the outer profiles of the intakes while a red Pirelli logo is visible at the start of the two roof lines and on the tires just like on a Veneno.

The standard package also includes the transparent engine cover, the carbon engine compartment, glossy black 20"/21" wheels and red brake calipers, or yellow in case you went with a Rosso Mars exterior.


The black/red theme continues in the cabin as well with red stripes running around the sea of Alcantara you jump into.


Personally, I would also like to say thanks to Pirelli for their achievements before the Lambo years, like hooking up with Fiat and Bianchi in 1955 to create Autobianchi, a brand that made my great little car three decades later.


And for those of you who can't afford a Lamborghini at this point with or without tires, here's a message from Pirelli themselves, dating back to 1967:

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