Lamborghini Is Almost Sold Out For 2021

That is reportedly thanks to post-pandemic 'revenge spending'

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Photo: Lamborghini

The ultra-rich have fared great in the pandemic, and the merely rich have done just fine as well. It’s of little surprise that Lamborghini, which makes supercars for the idle rich, says it’s almost sold out for 2021.

To be specific, Lamborghini told Bloomberg it has sold 10 months of capacity and that it was growing. That is also amid an electrification push at Lambo, which received an offer worth billions to buy the business last month but has insisted it will remain a part of the Volkswagen Group. Bloomberg calls the Lamborghini buys “revenge spending,” which apparently is the urge to splurge after being cooped up for all this time.

“Despite a two-month shutdown due to the pandemic, Lamborghini ended 2020 as its second-best year ever,” [Chief Executive Officer Stephan Winkelmann] said, as crowds swarmed the over 60 brands on show including Ferrari NV, Porsche and McLaren Automotive Ltd. in a sign of normal life resuming in major cities like Milan. Lamborghini deliveries have surged by almost 25% to a record during the first quarter.


One of these days I will get a McLaren owner, a Ferrari owner, a Koenigsegg owner, a Lamborghini owner, an Aston Martin owner, a Bugatti owner, a Pagani owner, a Maserati owner, a Porsche owner, an LFA owner, an NSX owner, and a Saleen owner in the same room to ask them why they bought what they did. Maybe I can rustle up somebody with a Jaguar XJ220, too. Or a Mosler.

That’s because I don’t understand, out of all of those options, why someone wouldn’t choose either a Koenigsegg, Porsche, or Ferrari; Koenigsegg because they just seem cool as hell, Porsche and Ferrari because I have an inherent bias toward classics. Obviously there is no wrong choice there — buy what you like in all circumstances — and I would guess that, in Italy, deciding between Ferrari and Lamborghini and, to a lesser degree, Maserati and Pagani, is a bit like how some people argue over Silverado or F-150 or Ram here. There’s no wrong truck choice either, unless you go with the F-150 or Ram.