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Lamborghini Front End Lands In A Parking Lot After Crash Splits The Car In Half

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A crash in the early hours of the morning near Miami Beach left a Lamborghini Huracan split completely in half, according to reports. The car caught fire as well, with the front end landing in a nearby parking lot and the back half coming to a stop in the middle of the road.

Florida outlet WPLG Local 10 reports that the cause of the crash, which happened at around 2 a.m. local time Friday, is still unknown, as are the exact conditions of those involved. WSVN-TV reports that police said the two people who were in the Huracan went to local hospitals, and that both were in stable condition with “minor injuries” after the wreck. They are the only ones reported with injuries.


Dark and blurry footage of the wreck can be seen here, as can video of the car being loaded onto a wrecker. A witness recorded the fire with a cellphone, which can be seen in a CBS Miami report here:

The witness who recorded the wreck aftermath, Pedro Huamchumo, told WSVN-TV he couldn’t believe what he saw when the wreck happened. From the report:

“Was like a ‘Boom’,” he said. “When I looked at my side, I saw the car on fire and in two pieces. I saw the guy get out from the car with fire in all this arm and the legs, and he turned on the floor, and he was screaming. The people call the police and the gas station.”


While the words “car” and “two pieces” don’t sound particularly pleasant in the same sentence, cars like this Lamborghini are said to do it as a safety feature—with a goal of keeping the occupants in the main part of the vehicle intact while reducing the force of a crash by splitting apart. It’s not pretty, but it’s better to hurt the car than to hurt the passengers.

The car apparently split a tree during the wreck, too, with WSVN-TV reporting that one landed in the middle of the road after it happened.