Lamborghini Estoque Is The Lamborghini Urus?

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Seems the trademark claim Lamborghini placed on the name "Urus" may have been a red herring and the real name of the four-door super saloon set to debut at the Paris Motor Show may be the Lamborghini Estoque. What's an Estoque? It's the small sword used in the killing stroke of a true bullfight — a far more fitting name for the scion of the Espada (another sword by etymology) than archaic-German for "big cow." Although we still have a hard time containing ourselves over the idea of a Lambo that isn't a twitchy, center-engined, two-seater. Lamborghini has the opportunity here for breathtaking greatness, or badgineered offal, and the suspense is really starting to get to us.
[World Car Fans]

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Ehhhh... Come farla dice... This-a nuu Lamborghiiini make-as mee eh... eh-stoked... yes?