Lamborghini Crashes On Race Track For Once, Not On Roads

It's a miracle. We've found a Lamborghini that hasn't crashed after reckless driving on the roads or after having rocks thrown at it. This one was being driven hard and fast on track and the driver just lost it. Good for him.


The crash happened during a track day and was filmed on a GoPro (what else?) in a C5 Corvette. On a long left-hander, it looks like the Gallardo, a Super Trofeo Stradale, loses the rear end and just crashes into the inside wall.

While it is super sad to see a Lambo in such a sorry state, it's good to actually see a Super Trofeo Stradale hitting the race track and not crashing after some teenager decided to go way too fast on a side street in a crowded city.

(Hat Tip to Matt!)

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