Lamborghini Countach Owners Go To Kit Car Shows Just To Mess With You

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Some people that are cooler than all of us hung out together at a racetrack in eight beautiful examples of the Lamborghini Countach, driving around, revving in tunnels and sharing stories of trolling Coutach kit car competitions with their real Lambos.

I learned a lot of fun facts from the latest episode of Harry’s Garage, in which Harry Metcalfe shows off his amazing, uh, garage of classic and eclectic cars. Did he mention that he owns a Countach? It’s only in every other video.

Anyway, I found out in this episode that he loaned his Countach to James May for his “Cars Of The People” series, which he left the giant wing on for. Now Harry thinks it’s time to run naked for awhile to better appreciate the other million lines on the car.

The fun part comes in the second half of the video, when Harry goes over the eight pristine examples of the Countach the owners have collected, and explains how two of them have taken their cars to kit car shows just to troll with the fakers.


That might seem like a fun way to spend a morning, being told all the ways in which your real Lamborghini is an extremely well done replica. What a fun, smug way to boost your Lamborghini Countach owner’s ego even higher!

That’s not so much a criticism as it is my cynical jealousy. I’d totally go and troll enthusiasts too if I had nothing better to do.

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I want to go to one of their meet-ups, in a Fiero with a Countach V12 and drivetrain in it.

Their tears would be delicious...