Lamborghini Aventador Driver Crashes Into Motorcyclist

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In Italy, collisions between two- and four-wheeled vehicles are par for the corse. If there are no injuries, non c'e' problema, as they say.


Throw a Lamborghini Aventador into the mix, however, and the moto-passenger's scraped knee suddenly becomes less of a problem than, say, a supercar that costs tens of thousands of euro to fix.


Just such an accident happened near the Imola Autodromo in Northern Italy's Emilia-Romagna province, bruising a young motorcyclist and knocking a few expensive chunks from a bright orange Lambo.

The crash probably wouldn't have attracted much attention normally, but it unfolded in front of a group of junior high school age children returning from their daily lezioni. A bunch of them stopped to gawk at the spectacle of a toppled motorcycle and an orange Aventador, drivers door stretched skyward and bits of itself strewn about the roadway. We can only imagine the gesturing and catcalls that ensued.

Luckily, no one was injured, although we're sure that in addition to his bumps and bruises, the motorcyclist felt a sting of fear that he might be responsible for repairing a Lambo. But that's up to la polizia's interpretation of the accident. (Hat tip to Baber K. Khan!)

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There has to be some sort of protection for motorists who happen to get in a fender bender with an exotic. I'm an average guy, I drive average cars. I have average insurance. Just because you choose to put your $300,000 show piece in the ring with the rest of us driving around in our shit boxes, and we happen to meet in an unfortunate manner, doesn't mean I should have to foot the ridiculous bill of fixing your car. If it costs more than my $50,000 limit on my insurance, you're on your own.