The darkly wonderful Lamborghini Ankonian Concept is the creation of Slavche Tanevsky and, unlike most independent design studies, boasts the participation of Lamborghini and Audi designers. The future Lamborghini Reventon? We hope so.

It's been reported that Tanevsky worked closely with Audi and Lamborghini designers on this effort, allowing them to put a final touch on his project. As the Reventon is probably the most aggressively styled, overly executed production vehicle it's a fitting comparison. Named after an all-black bull, the Ankonian captures the line certain Lamborghinis walk between sinister and sexy.

The Macedonian designer aptly projects representative Lambo features, such as the characteristic widely flanked and F117 stealth front fascia as well as the forward lean. Also like the Reventon, it's almost entirely triangles shooting off in different directions.


Like the most aggressive new design language coming out of Europe, there's a lot of playfulness with the ability to construct new forms out of lightweight material. Yet, it never strays from its fundamental desire to be both aggressive and harmonious.

All of this may not make it into the next generation of Lamborghinis, but we suspect the designers in Sant'Agata and Ingolstadt are paying attention to the subtle features at work here; of special note is the use of headlights integrated into the shapes up front. It's a design note allowing almost invisible but useful illumination.


It's daring, but daring is just what we need more of these days.

[ (translated) via Sub5Zero]