Lambo Owner Has Patience Of A Saint After Getting Rear-Ended In Viral TikTok UPDATED

This is all so absurd we have to wonder if it's staged. Are people really like this? Maybe. Sigh.

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Screenshot: TikTok

It’s a risky thing, trusting Lamborghini owners. Sure, they’re all fun and gregarious and outgoing, but way too often you start the day admiring the way some friendly stranger’s Aventador’s doors open, only to wake up 14 hours later naked on the lifeboat of a yacht with a bunch of purebred Pomeranians crawling all over you. So, maybe take this now very-viral TikTok video with a grain of salt. Of course, it could also be true, which is, I suppose, even more alarming. I better explain.

The video, uploaded by Matthew Heller, under the handle (I assume Matt is affiliated with the big-ass horn vendor and not a niche porn site dedicated to people who desire intercourse with horns) shows an astoundingly patient Lambo owner dealing with an aggressive driver who just rear-ended them:


Of course, as we all know, the way a rear-end accident works is not that the person in front somehow was the active, um, hitter, of the car behind them, mostly due to the way the laws of physics operate.

The Audi driver’s claim that “when I was at a red light, you went in front of me and hit my car” is not just physically improbable, but isn’t supported by the video evidence from the nearby gas station’s security cameras, as shown to the Lambo driver by, presumably, one of the gas station’s owners or employees:

Yeah, from what this video shows, it doesn’t even appear that the Lambo was even moving. Despite the rage-fueled assuredness of the Audi driver, the Lambo was very much the car hit, as opposed to the car doing the hitting.


Again, there’s something about this video that triggers the “hey this looks staged” neurons in our brains, and knowing that a Lamborghini owner is involved — someone who has already told the world they’re willing to spend six figures just to make sure strangers stare at them — only adds to the vibe.

If it’s staged, well, good job on feeding everyone’s lust for absurd injustices and irrational people hijinx, I suppose. If not, then, well, this may be the first time I’ve ever felt that a Lambo driver in a traffic incident was behaving incredibly patiently, innocently, and decently.


I guess it had to happen at some point, right?

UPDATE: Shockingly, the Lambo driver may be more at fault. Further videos show more about the Lambo’s behavior prior to the original video. I can’t say I’m exactly shocked that a viral TikTok wreck involving a Lambo is messier than it seems.