LaFerrari Owner: The Doors Are So Heavy I Had To Call The Cops

Photo Credit: Newspress
Photo Credit: Newspress

The LaFerrari is a study in hybrid drive, high technology and lightweight design. Except that doesn’t include the doors, apparently, which are so heavy one owner had to call the cops to get him out.


The story comes to us from possibly our favorite Ferrari owner (sorry PowerslideLover), the Florida flea market magnate Preston Henn, who recounted this story to Marshall Pruett at Road ampersand Track:

“Here’s something that may be hard for you to believe, but I got that La Ferrari and it was delivered to my house… and I didn’t like it,” he declared. “And I got here and I couldn’t get out of the car. I had to call the police to get me out of the car. What happened is I didn’t realize that door was as heavy as it was. Once I realized it, they could pull the door and get out and I had no problem. It is just not a comfortable car.

Henn and Ferrari were tied up in some legal drama recently but that all seems sorted. He’s since bought an Acura NSX, which presumably has lighter doors.



Problem solved.