LA Auto Show: Spykers

You know what's hard? Having just one favorite supercar maker. Go ahead, say Ferrari and I'll park my Murcielago next to your 599 GTB, making the latter look like nothing but a shiny red Corvette with yellow horse stickers pasted all over it. Luckily we write about cars for a living, guaranteeing that not only will we soon be able to afford all the hot Italian metal we want, but our yacht will totally be able to handle a helicopter. Wow. We just went insane for a full minute. Well, a little mental slippage is to be expected. Seriously, you try hanging around this many Spykers and not getting your mind blown just a teensy bit. Surprisingly, we liked the relatively sorta sane C8 Spyder more than the howlin' at the moon C12 Zagato. But again, making rational decisions in this lofty realm is the stuff rich people have to worry about. We will say that the Aston Martins parked next door to Spykerland were absolutely invisible by comparison. A curiosity follows should you choose to jump.


This is the C8 Spyder's leather shrouded pedal box. Yes, all four pedals stick straight up in the air. Four pedals! Calm down, calm down — the far lefty is the dead pedal. While I found all four felt awkward and odd, rich people have an extra joint in their ankles. Hence, they love 'em.

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