Kyle Larson Takes His Second Straight Chili Bowl Victory

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NASCAR driver Kyle Larson has made a very stellar name for himself on dirt tracks in the past few years, and with his second straight Chili Bowl win, he has proved that his winning streak is nowhere near over.


A total of 309 different drivers took place in the 35th running of the event, and Larson was a favorite heading into the event. And while he was successful, he had one hell of a challenge to secure his front position. He found himself up against Justin Grant, the 2020 USAC Silver Crown National Champion, and fellow NASCAR driver and three-time Chili Bowl champion Christopher Bell.

In the 55-lap feature on Saturday, Larson led into the closing laps of the race, but it looked as if Bell might just be able to reel him in. He passed second-place Grant on lap 46, but disaster struck with five laps to go. Bell flipped in a frankly terrifying crash, thankfully emerging unhurt. Larson was able to hold the lead to the finish.

“To get two of these feels awesome,” Larson told in the post-event wrap-up. “It was a different race than last year, but just thankful to get the chance to even come race here. I think a lot of us thought maybe we wouldn’t get to come run the Chili Bowl with the pandemic going on, so hats off to Emmett Hahn and everyone else with this event. It’s the greatest event in the world, and very lucky to be a part of it.”

The top five in the A-feature were 1. 01-Kyle Larson, Justin Grant, Tanner Thorson, Cannon McIntosh, and Daryn Pittman. Oklahoma’s Daison Pursley took home Rookie of the Year honors after finishing in 10th position in the B-Feature. 69 drivers flipped during the course of the whole event.

If you missed out on the action, you can catch a replay of the A-Feature on MAVTV at 3pm ET.

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Sgt. Pegleg

Dude is a hell of a driver, and I bet he will find Victory Lane at least semi-regularly now that he is with a competitive Cup team.  I’ve always liked him and was severely disappointed in his words last year.  He deserved everything that happened to him, and I hope that he’s learned and grown from it.  Immaturity is not an excuse, but it can be overcome.  Bubba has moved on, so I’m willing to give the second chance, as well.  I hope he doesn’t let us all down again.