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Kyle Busch banned from racing this weekend because of this crash

Last night's WinStar World Casino NASCAR truck race (for real, that's the name) ended early for Kyle Busch after he put championship contender Ron Hornaday in the wall on purpose following a scuffle early in the race. NASCAR parked him for the rest of the race and just announced he's out all weekend.


Busch has wrecked out a lot recently and it's apparently gone to his head as he blatantly targeted Hornaday on Friday while under caution. The single race suspension was the minimum NASCAR could realistically do to punish the driver, though some NASCAR fans may still be surprised they were even capable of that.


This morning NASCAR officials went a step further and parked Busch for both the Nationwide race on Saturday and the Sprint Cup race tomorrow at Texas Motor Speedway. There have been a lot of questionable crashes this season, but Kyle Busch's single-minded hatred of Kevin Harvick Incorporated, who runs Hornaday's truck, is something even the Magoos at NASCAR couldn't ignore.

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More sanctions are possible in the future for Busch, who was heard to say "I ain't even mad" as he walked back to his motor home.

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

Meanwhile, back at NASCAR headquarters...

All right Kyle, we're going to need you to "intentionally" put Ron Hornaday into the wall. It'll be sort of a climax to all the tension between you and what's that team called.

I don't know shit about NASCAR but I have no reason to believe that it's not like pro wrestling, where all the rivalries are made up.