Illustration for article titled Kuwait Orders 150 Dodge Charger Police Cars To Project An Image Of Strength And Power

We enjoyed our time with the Dodge Charger Police Car by pretending we were the Blues Brothers, but we're not so sure that's what Kuwait has in mind for the 150 cop-spec Chargers they've ordered. They seem pretty serious about it, even having officials sent over to inspect the cars at Chrysler's headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI. The Charger is actually a best-seller for Chrysler in the Middle East, but why does Kuwait really want the cars? Deputy Ministry of Interior, Musaed S. Al-Guwainem says:

"Reflecting an image of strength and power is important for our law enforcement officials and the Dodge Charger portrays this image to the Kuwaiti people... The Charger police cars are being customized with the necessary equipment for three different government vehicles – traffic, security and emergency response – where speed, handling and functionality are critical to their job."


An image of "strength and power?" In other words: They look badass. Seems like a rational reason to us. [via Chrysler]

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