Koenigsegg's Famous One:1 Development Car Can Be Yours For Just $6 Million (Plus Taxes)

If you think about it, $6 million plus a bit of change isn’t too bad for the fastest piece of automotive history that can also be registered under the Show and Display regulation in America. Interested in buying it? Talk to these guys.


We got pretty familiar with chassis number #7106 in the last two years. Travis went to Sweden with ace photographer GF Williams to witness its genesis and talk to Christian von Koenigsegg about how on Earth is he planning to put 1,360 horsepower to the ground in a rear-wheel drive car. This development car did all the crazy records as well with factory test driver Robert Serwanski behind the wheel, and I drove all the way to Spa to see it not go around the track as fast as it could because of the local noise regulations.

Number 7106 is about 110 pounds heavier than the five production One:1s due to different carbon fiber used for its tab, the optional roll cage and certain parts like the exhaust tip being made of aluminum instead of titanium. Koenigsegg also put more than 60,000 hard miles in its engine before the project was completed with the delivery of the last customer car to the US.


With lap records from both Spa and Suzuka on its belt, Koenigsegg’s testbed is now back at the base undergoing a full factory refresh, with SuperVettura expecting it be ready for delivery in January.

It’s faster than anything else out there, and that won’t change for a while.


Koenigsegg’s next car, the equally bonkers Regera will be homologated for the American market as well, and will only set you back by about $2 million.

Photo credit: GF Williams and Máté Petrány for Jalopnik


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