Koenigsegg Will Sell You A Used Supercar With A Two-Year Warranty

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You want a Koenigsegg, but you don't necessarily have the money to buy a brand new one. You can afford a used Koenigsegg, but you want the peace of mind that comes with a factory warranty. Well, guess what? Koenigsegg has a factory backed certified pre-owned program. Dreams do come true!

Koenigsegg has only built about 150 cars in the entire lifetime of the company, so a certified pre-owned program can't be that hard for them to maintain. Koenigsegg says that all CPO cars will be available through their registered dealers and can come with up to a two year warranty and two years of free maintenance.

Free maintenance. On a used carbon fiber supercar. That's amazing.

They also come available with the opportunity to upgrade the specs and individualize the car. It's basically a way to get the individualized Koenigsegg you want but for a little less than a new one. Granted, a new one costs about $1.5 million, so you still need a lot of money.


Right now, Koenigsegg has just three cars available under the CPO program, including a CCX Edition similar to what we drove just last year. Anyone wanna go halvsies?

Hat tip to Harry Metcalfe!

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Doug should buy this and chronicle the comparisons between the CarMax warranty and the Koenigsegg factory warranty.