Koenigsegg One: 1 Has 1 HP Per Kilo, And Only For China

If you're looking for the absolute fastest car you can buy, and don't quite have enough cash for a Veyron, boy are you in luck. Well, in luck if you're one of five other lucky people in China. Because Koenigsegg's incredible new car, the Koenigsegg One: 1, will very likely be the fastest car you can buy (0-60 in a superbike-like 2.5 seconds), cost about $2 million US, and they're only making five. For China.

The car is named the One:1 because the unifying theme of the car is that it will make one horsepower per kilo, which is far better than what horses themselves do. That means with an estimated weight of 1250- 1350 kg (around 2800 lbs or so), the car will make— you can do the math. Here's a hint: multiply the weight by one.


Hell, at that kind of power-to-weight ratio, I'd make about 67 or 68 HP myself! That's more than what I usually drive every day!

Pictures of the car come from photos and scans of a brochure leaked online very recently. And even though the existence was confirmed from a leaked brochure, CarsUK contacted Christian von Koenigsegg himself, and K-Egg confirmed that the One:1 is only a very limited run of cars made for the Chinese market.

So, to ((all the rich people across the globe who long to go fast )- 5), my apologies.


(Photos and source: CarsUK, CarWale, and thanks, Dave!)

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