Koenigsegg Agera RS Is A Carbon Fiber Salute To Track Day Psychopaths

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Koenigsegg will debut two cars this week. The most anticipated is the Regera, which is supposedly the fastest thing the world will ever see. The other is the Agera RS. While we don’t have specs yet, it sure looks like the body has used all of the carbon fiber in Sweden.

These photos of the Agera RS have just popped up on Instagram of Koenigsegg setting up their stand at the Geneva Motor Show. While the Regera is staying under lock and key until early tomorrow morning, the Agera RS is right there, out in the open.

What can we tell from these photos? It looks like an Agera, which is to say that it looks a lot like every car Koenigsegg has built since Koenigsegg started building cars. It also has a number of bits that are similar to the bonkers One:1, like the front bumper, side sills, and livery.


It doesn’t share the active aero of the One:1, the rear wing is pure Agera. What we’d expect is that this is the hardcore variant of an Agera, which is kind of like making a hammer out of a denser metal.

Pointless? Totally. Awesome? Definitely. We’ll know more about the Agera RS early tomorrow morning.


Update: According to our friends at Autoguide, it makes 1,160 horsepower. Pretty sweet.


Top Photo via Jalopnik/Máté Petrány

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There is a leaked picture of the Regera. It doesn't show much, but it hints at a pretty radical redesign (compared to previous Koeniseggs).