Know Thy Germans (Because We Don't): Mystery BMW Stumps Jalopnik

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Our new favorite site, English Russia states emphatically, "In Russia you even nowadays can meet very rare BMWs." One of them is so rare we can't pin it down. BMW has been using the whole twin kidneys design shtick since the 315/1 Roadster launched in 1935. But the mystery car (above) looks more modern with its headlights integrated into the body and catwalks nearly flush with the fenders. True, BMWs older than the 315/1 didn't have the split grill. However, they looked like they were from the 1920s or earlier (see the archaic-looking 1931 3 15 PS DA Kabriolett). So, what form of itself does this BMW exist in? And does it exist in the form of a BMW at all?

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