These Kiwi hoons pulled out a flatbed truck, topped it with a Ute, which itself is topped with a motorcycle in its bed. All three are doing burnouts. Epic win.

Be certain your seatbelts are securely fastened, your tray tables and seatbacks are in their upright and locked position, because these Kiwi hoons are about to take you on a triple burnout flight of awesome. Looking like some petrol twisted version of Greg Pike's, these guys pulled out a cabover flatbed truck with what sounds like a serious cam on it topped by what we're assuming is a Holden Ute, which is carrying a motorcycle in its bed. Add three drivers with a taste for tire smoke and you have a seriously glorious gratuitous display of horsepower. Wonder if we could slide a flatbed semi trailer underneath, and a nitromethane Traxxus RC truck on top for a five way burnout stack. We're not worthy.


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