Kimi Raikkonen Says Sergio Perez Deserves A Punch In The Face

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Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix was so crash-y, I wasn't sure if I was watching Formula One or the NASCAR Coke 600. Never one to mince words, Lotus driver and perennial Jalopnik favorite Kimi Raikkonen had strong ones for McLaren's Sergio Perez when he said the Mexican driver deserves a punch in the face.


Perez had been driving rather aggressively on Sunday (something he has been accused of all season) when he came into contact with Raikkonen's car while they headed into a chicane towards the end of the race.

The collision punctured Raikkonen's tire, forcing him to pit and ultimately drop from fifth place to a 10th place finish. Perez's front wing was damaged, and he was later forced to retire due to brake problems, though it's not clear whether those events are connected.

When asked by a reporter after the race whether the older drivers should sit young Perez down and give him some advice, Kimi delivered a very Kimi response.

"That won't help," the Finn said. "Maybe someone should punch him in the face."

And that's why we love Kimi — we can always count on him to say what's on his mind.


Perez, for his part, blamed Raikkonen for not giving him any room. But while Perez received a fair amount of criticism for his actions at Monaco (and other races lately), a debate has arisen as to whether he should be praised for driving flat-out and saying to hell with the consequences.


What do you guys think? Was Perez in the right, or does he deserve that punch in the face? And what about Kimi's crash-y teammate?

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