Kimi Raikkönen Remains The Champion Of Interviews

Kimi Raikkönen is almost as excited about the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix as I am, which might as well be his last one here in an F1 car since Ferrari is rumored to sign Valtteri Bottas this weekend for the next season.


Four questions. That’s all Ferrari’s official YouTube channel needed Mr. Chewing Gum to suffer through, and he did, bless him. But as far as the answers went, they won’t be able to make a book out of them:

- It’s one of the slowest tracks. Is it boring?

No, it’s a nice race.

- It’s hot. Do you lose a lot of fluids during the race?

We drink, so it’s ok.

- How come there are so many Finnish flags around all the time?

It’s close and cheap.

- Is a twisty track like this better suited for the new power units?

It really doesn’t matter.


Seriously, this guy needs to host a primetime talkshow. ASAP.

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And were basing the Bottas signing on what? All I’ve seen are rumors. I don’t think Kimi is done yet.

Although if he is, I hope to see him driving the Haas next year alongside Alexander Rossi.