This little girl’s parents didn’t tell their daughter they’d bought a DeLorean, or maybe even what a DeLorean was, but she’s pretty stoked to see one for the first time. And when she finds out her family’s adopted it, oh man– the joy is real.

I wish I could remember being this age, because it looks like a lot of fun. Obviously way more fun if your parents have a DeLorean!

This is what Jalopnik parenting looks like, folks. Show this video to anybody who says “kids don’t like cars anymore.”

The DeLorean is of course more than just a Back To The Future prop. It’s a cool car. Well, it’s a weird car. Rare. Unique! Not all that objectively “good.” So it’s pretty much exactly the kind of four-wheeled novelty so many tragic car enthusiasts fall in love with.


May this family’s DeLorean last many miles and keep them as happy as they look in this video.

Hat tip to DMCVegas!