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Kid Ticketed For 50 Over In Dad's Bugatti Veyron

Illustration for article titled Kid Ticketed For 50 Over In Dads Bugatti Veyron

A 20-year old was caught driving at 100 MPH in a 50 MPH zone in Rotterdam, losing his license and getting his Dad's Bugatti Veyron seized as a result. This particular Veyron was the first imported to Holland.


The car belonged to Michel Perridon, the director of Trust International BV, a former sponsor of the Spyker F1 team, who apparently leant the $2.4 million vehicle (taxes in Holland are steep) to his son Thurs shortly before the spoiled brat was caught speeding.

Vehicle seizures are a relatively common speed enforcement tool in Holland where speeding is increasingly becoming a serious crime. The maximum highway speed limit there is 75 MPH, but most roads are restricted to 50 MPH. It's not clear if Perridon will be able to recover his car from the police. [NU.NL,, Dutch Daily News]


(Hat tip to Sacha!)

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Ash78, voting early and often

I wonder how many Dutchies he passed on the left hand side.

(srsly, $2.4MM is way too much a premium to pay for this car. I'd sooner move across the border than pay that, even if I had the money.)