Kickin' it Like St. George on the Dragon: Tennessee's Public Nurburgring

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According to a mysterious man known only as El Tonito, every year, especially around the time of the Honda Hoot, motorists and motorcyclists converge on the Tail of the Dragon, a section of US 129 south of Knoxville that features 300 turns in 11 miles, no doubt in search of the ultimate in brake and tire burnination, and possibly leaving a beefy arm or two on the side of the road. We feel like the only way to truly enjoy this section of road is on a consummate V-twin while smoking cigarettes hand-rolled from loose-leaf and sparked up by a BMW lighter. And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIGHT!

Tail of the Dragon

Honda Throws a Hoot, Everyone Shows Up [Internal]


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