With the original British version of Top Gear now being simulcast in the US, BBC America was faced with a bit of a dilemma. Namely, what should they broadcast immediately after it? They didn't have Top Gear USA; that's on the History Channel. So the answer is Mud, Sweat and Gears, a show about building stunt cars and then, well, doing crazy stunts with them.


Clearly, my vote for old 1980s re-runs of Doctor Who randomly interspersed with disturbing images of a dude getting spanked was denied.

Hosted by a pair of guys with serious automotive chops consisting of Tom "Wookie" Ford of Fifth Gear, CAR magazine, and Top Gear Magazine, and Jonny Smith, also of Fifth Gear and a whole bunch of great British car shows, it actually looks like it might be one of the few car-focused TV shows that won't suck.


The idea behind is that Wookie and Jonny each head up a team of car enthusiasts each week, and are given 24 hours to transform a regular car into a complete stunt machine. (There's always a "deadline" involved with these things.)

As you can see, the end result will inevitably entail smashing through things, jumping over other things, and probably some sort of big explosion. I'm thinking it'll be something along the lines of a Michael Bay film, if a Michael Bay film had believable, relatable, and strong characters.

So basically, everything great.

And since the BBC clearly has a great track record with its car shows, I've got a lot of faith in this one.

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