Kia's The Matrix Super Bowl Ad Sells A K900 With Morpheus And Two Keys

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Kia has a lot to sell with the Kia K900. In their big Super Bowl push, they're telling you there are two choices in buying big luxury cars: the Kia or everything else. Who better to present a choice between two pills cars than Morpheus from The Matrix?

This totally explains why Kia sent Jalopnik a weird package the other day and why our editorial fellow Chris wasn't in today. But in "The Truth," the couple at the valet stand are told by Laurence Fishburne they can pick the blue key to go back "to the luxury they know" or the red key to drive the K900. They pick the Kia, and he says it's full of luxury bits. Then he starts singing, and cars fly and spoons melt.


There you have it. The Kia K900 is good enough to melt spoons. It'll be a hit.