Kia Will Launch An Autonomous Car By 2030 Under New Sub-Brand

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This year’s CES trade show has been all about automotive technology, particularly autonomous and electric concept cars. Kia jumped into the game today, announcing to have a new sub-brand called Drive Wise, which will introduce a new fully autonomous cars to the streets by 2030.


Kia’s new Drive Wise brand will be the result of the Korean brand’s advancement of driver assistance systems and work closer and closer towards a fully autonomous product by 2030.

Kia is expecting to incorporate Drive Wise semi-autonomous technology into roadworthy models by the end of the decade, which will combine features like emergency braking, automated parking, advanced GPS, and automatic cruise control into a car that will mostly be capable of piloting itself.

Kia also has a new interface for communication between the driver and car, terrifyingly called the Human Machine Interface (HMI) which will introduce new features like advanced smart phone connectivity, gesture controls, and will supposedly allow the vehicle to memorize personalized settings based on the driver’s fingerprint or smartwatch.

Maybe those smartwatches will end up actually being useful by 2030. At least for Kia’s sake.

So far there are no hints at a design direction, or whether or not the Drive Wise brand will have unique models or just be variants of the standard Kia lineup. At least they didn’t bring a ridiculous bullshit “supercar.”




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The management at Kia — or any company — is likely to be completely different in 15 years. Anything that’s planned that far in advance is basically guaranteed vaporware.