Kia To Get First-Ever Coupe In 2009, May Replace "Spectra" Name

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Kia plans to introduce the brand's first ever coupe next summer, a couple of months after the new Spectra sedan goes on sale by mid-2009. The new coupe will reportedly be based on the Koup concept, first shown at the New York Auto Show just a few short months ago. But fans of the Spectra name may be disappointed. According to Lee Hyun-soon, president of Hyundai-Kia Motors' R&D division, the Spectra family may not retain the name. Our assumption is the Korean company plans to globalize their naming of products, dubbing the new coupe and sedan the Forte. We just hope is it doesn't end up being called the "Koup" if only to ensure we don't have to put up with months of Koup-a Commander jokes. But, whither the five-door? Well, that's taking a flying leap off a short pier and back to Korea as it reportedly will no longer be a part of the Korean automaker's product plan for the United States. But back to the Coupe — let's talk design language.

We'd been told the Koup, created by the brand's U.S.-based design team, was emblematic of the design language we should expect to see coming from the entire Korean brand in the future. That means an expected ditching of the friendly, rounded edges of the old Kia Spectra. In place of that friendly design, the Koup hinted to a crisp and more angular look that seemingly borrowed heavily from Acura, with a little bit of Subaru Impreza mixed in for good measure.


Why a 2-door? Kia is introducing a coupe in the hopes of "attracting young buyers." While we've never seen anyone over the age of twenty three behind the wheel of a non-rental Kia product, apparently the brand is concerned about its ongoing appeal among staid, middle-manager accounting types. Who knew? [Automotive News (Sub. Req.)]

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

WOW! A Korean car with styling that's quite sexy and doesn't look ripped off. We'll not quite as ripped off. But the front styling looks almost Australian muscle car...

I wonder if the Kia was styled by an Aussie?