Kevin Ward Jr.'s Family Lawyer Isn't Pulling Punches About Tony Stewart

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Last year, NASCAR driver Kevin Ward Jr. was killed after being run over by Tony Stewart. Earlier this week, the family announced they were suing Stewart for the wrongful death of their son, and now they’re reiterating with more forceful language.

Mark Lanier, the Ward family attorney, has called Stewart and his legal camp’s reaction to the lawsuit “appalling,” perhaps referencing claims from Stewart’s counsel that Ward was killed because he had smoked weed earlier that evening (a point the Ward family has rightfully called into question).

According to Lanier:

Stewart and his lawyers should have watched the videos and listened to the audio before filing their court papers. If Stewart didn’t see Ward until just prior to impact, Stewart doesn’t look where he’s driving.


A grand jury in upstate New York declined to charge Stewart with Ward’s death in criminal court.

[via USA Today]

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Here’s the thing I don’t get in all of this. If I were driving down the street observing the proper speed limit and paying attention, and a child ran out in front of me and I couldn’t stop in time and I accidentally killed him/her, I would still be responsible for his/her death. Maybe it’s just me, but I would turn in my driver license and commit myself to the nearest psychiatric institution. I would fully expect criminal and civil penalties to follow. And I would be forever haunted. But perhaps I’m not totally normal.