Kevin Magnussen Won't Be Driving In Formula One Free Practice This Year

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Poor K-Mag. Maybe it's because McLaren is so focused on getting the new Honda power units down right, but test driver Kevin Magnussen won't be participating in Friday practices like the other test drivers in Formula One.


Magnussen revealed this sad tidbit in a response to a fan:

I'll admit to being Team Button when it came to the driver pick because Button's results earned him that seat, but the hope was that McLaren would continue to develop Magnussen's talent by keeping him on as a test driver.

After all, McLaren needs to hedge their bets for if and when Button and Alonso go to another team, retire from F1, or what have you. Developing Magnussen into a solid #3 driver is just smart.

I guess they'll just be working on that with a simulator or in other test days, then, but you can't help but to feel just a little bit sorry for Kevin. "You get to stay, too! Eh, small catch."


According to ESPN, Magnussen is open to racing in another series while working as a test driver for McLaren, but has not announced any plans yet.


K-Mag continues to make "#NeverGiveUpOnTheDream" a thing. While he couldn't outdrive teammate Jenson Button in 2014, I do hope he makes it back into an F1 drive somehow. He has The Dream (and an impressive Formula Renault 3.5 championship to his name). We can't give up on The Dream.

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Gary Yogurt

If the boredom is too much, maybe he should look into the Pay Practice that other teams offer.