Kerkorian Warns What? The Times' Micki Maynard Interviews Tracinda's "Spokesperson"

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Yeah, it's total speculation on our part but we can't think of anyone else Micki would be talking to with this kind of knowledge of the direction Tracinda's looking to take with GM — save Kirk Kerkorian or Jerry York or one of their inner circle. We're ruling out usual suspect Anthony Mandekic, who's usually more than willing to sign anything Tracinda sends out (in fairness, that's his job as secretary/treasurer/flunky of the board of the holding company). That leaves us with three possible perps, all of whom know their proverbial shit (see paragraph five for sly out-of-quotes usage of Kerkorian's name). Nonetheless, this "spokesperson" said a number...

...of interesting things. First of all Tracinda/Kerkorian believe GM must look at any proposal dropped in front of them. As the source says:

"[Kerkorian]...thinks the board ought to look at every possibility, and he's expecting the board to do the right thing"


And that's what exactly? To look at things with an open mind? Has anyone been to the RenCen recently? The people inside may have had the concrete bunker outside removed, but they're acting as if it never left.

And it sounds as though a bunker may be exactly what the folks there'll need if the "spokesperson" is correct — because Kirk, like the Captain, is a man of action:

"[If GM decides not to listen to a proposal] then he'd [Kerkorian'd] be very disappointed by that, and he might have to react..."

Although the spokesperson didn't elaborate — it's plain to see what he means — hostile takeover, baby! Batten down the hatches, GM — you think it's bad now? Woo-hoo, you ain't seen nuthin' yet! You remember what Kirk did last time he threatened something like that. That's right, he drove Chrysler right into the hands of Daimler-Benz...hey! Wait a second, that's kind of like what's happening now! Kerkorian, you sneaky octagenarian, you!

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