Ken Block's Cosworth Got A Makeover And More Power For 2020

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Ken Block is yet again proving that he’s living the kind of life that most of us can only dream about. After an exciting and personally fulfilling 2019 Cossie World Tour, Ken and the rest of the Hoonigan Racing Division team set to work making the Cossie a few steps better than it was. That a team is still developing a thirty-year-old rally car in this year of our lord 2020 is equal parts astonishing and weird. Good for them!


After a season of racing the so-called Cossie V2, Block knew he needed more power, more revs, more light, and more cooling for the cockpit. The first two involved developing a new turbocharger and a new set of camshafts to pump up the underhood jams, plus a brand new exhaust setup from Borla. More light was handled by a modern LED setup that really throws the light down the road. To cool the inside of the car, Ken called up Ford Racing and cribbed a roof vent from one of its modern rally cars. Then the team built a bunch of carbon fiber parts to bring the kilos down.

The biggest change visually is the new 2020 livery from Troy Lee Designs. A true icon in the industry, Lee managed to bridge the gap between the 1990s and the 2020s with a livery design that is equal parts modern and throw-back. I personally love this look, and it helps a truly unique car stand out even more on stage. You’ll never mistake this Escort for any other car, even as it blasts by you at full chat.

In a day where events seem to be getting cancelled left and right, it’s difficult to say how many of the events on Block’s 2020 schedule will actually happen, but for now it looks like the Cossie will make an appearance at WRC Rally Mexico, Sol Rally Barbados, Southern Ohio Forest Rally, WRC Rally New Zealand, the Nitro World Games USA, Rally Legend San Marino, and Gymkhana Grid USA.

Hell yeah, what a cool car. More cool cars, please.

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I can't believe it still runs either

Cool car, talented driver. However; and I’m going to draw the ire of the collected kinja brain trust; as a WRC fan, I have to point out that Ken was often outdone by the competition in real-world racing. Hoonigan videos are entertaining, but are a heavily-edited amalgamation of clips of successful runs. Ken has always been better at self-promotion and crafting video than racing in the big leagues.

I now await the hate-filled responses of the rabid Hoon.