Ken Block's 845HP Hoonicorn Started Life As This '66 Mustang

It came from Ebay with the correct set of stripes, white wall tires and all the brightwork. Then, the devil cut it up and replaced its soul with a 845 horsepower race engine driving all four wheels. It was quite a build.

We've all seen what the Hoonicorn RTR can do when LA is nice enough to provide the playground, and Chris Harris also got the chance to learn more about the car's building process so that we could, too.


But now, it's time for me to hand over the microphone to RTR on Speedhunters, who created the car with ASD Motorsports for Ken Block working hard on the project for two years. Where did the inspiration come from? How many sketches were made before settling final design? What was the biggest challenge? All here.

My only question remains why they cannibalized a complete car? Considering what remained original in the end, a rusty shell would have done the job just as well as this.


Photo credit: RTR via Speedhunters

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