Stars! They're just like us. You walk into a shop looking for a custom set of handle bars and a few years later you're selling a custom bike that costs more than a new Porsche.

That's basically the origin story of Arch Motorcycle Company, a lux bike maker started by Gard Hollinger of LA County Choprods and slacker-turned-digital-deity Keanu Reeves.

Reeves walked into Hollinger's shop back in 2007 looking for a set of bars for his bike, and Hollinger – clearly realizing the potential – transformed Reeves' stock cruiser into a fully custom build.

After that, the two decided to make something special, and their first bike is the KRGT-1, a $78,000 retro-styled kinda-cruiser with a massive 2,032cc V-twin putting out 121 hp and 122 lb-ft of torque... to the wheel.


The engine is a proprietary, 45-degree fuel-injected twin mated to a custom six-speed Baker gearbox. The swing arm is a billet aluminum piece, while the chassis is made of billet steel with aluminum bits holding it together. All in, it's just over 540 pounds wet.

Carbon fiber wheels are fitted to 43mm upside-down Ohlins up front, with an adjustable Race Tech unit out back. ISR calipers are mounted at both ends, with a six-piston unit slowing things down on the 18-inch front wheel. It's all high-end stuff, and combined with the tank – which supposedly takes some 66 hours to make – the KRGT-1 is built to appeal to a very discerning (and offensively wealthy) enthusiast. Pre-orders start now, with a $12,000 deposit getting your foot in the door. How it rides remains to be seen, but I really can't tell if Keanu is enjoying himself in the pic below.