Yesterday was International Womans' Day? Sorry, gals, we forgot! Russian boutique carmaker Dartz didn't, and, somewhat honoring IWD, it's building a version of its SUV for the daughter of a Kazakh oil king. Also, no whale penis for the ladies!

Princess Regina Abdurazakova will be the first to drive the armored, ladied-out Dartz Prombron L4P, which the company says gets more horsepower, is shorter (and thus easier to park for ladies!) and is "more beautiful" than its previous models. No pics yet, but please to enjoy the company's description of Princess Abdurazakova's L4P. Germaine Greer, call the front desk.

This car was styled and manufactured by ladies - as they better feel what real lady need.
This car have specially created by legendary TELEFUNKEN 8 camera system which will allow You, our dear to park like on MINI, even You ride russian behemote.
The body type name sounds strange - but here is explanation.
All DARTZ armored car made using soviet traditional armoring know-how, when we build so called in russian "kapsula" or monoqoque and after that build car around.
As this car is for ladies - they dont need too many doors and like to drive coupe's - so that's why our new model will have 3 doors only.
And together it is 3DOOR KAPSULA KUPE.

And the last question is why L4P?
Because this car is luxury. Luxury for woman. Luxury 4 P..laY :-).

This is car Ladies.Only - BUT NO ANY WHALES SKIN ON SEATS!!!

So, our Dears!
First car is already ordered and You can wait when paparrazzi will catch kazakh "Paris Hilton" driving world safest, world strongest and of course world most expensive armored SUV.
Or You have a chance visit car presentation which coming soon.
We are happy to continue old traditions - as hundred years ago Russian Princess drive our grandgrandfater - RussoBalt - and we must keep traditions. keep innovating!


Jealous yet, Paris?