Karma Automotive Keeps Trying With a New Electric Designed by Pininfarina

Image: Karma

Fisker Automotive, once a luxury plug-in hybrid startup whose sedan had a distinctive face and a little problem with fires, was reborn several years ago under new ownership as Karma Automotive. It has big plans to do what Fisker could not, and now at next month’s Shanghai Motor Show, we’ll see its next move.

The good news is this one’s designed by famed Italian styling house Pininfarina, so in theory it should at least look pretty sweet.


Karma and Pininfarina announced their partnership back in January with the promise to introduce innovative luxury cars. While Karma currently only has one production vehicle to its name, the Revero sedan, this new teaser hints that the automaker has plenty of exciting stuff up its sleeve.

Here’s what that teaser image looks like lightened up, from Inside EVs:

The first impression I’m getting is of the Cheshire cat. The lowered front fascia with the separation in the middle gives the appearance of a sly grin that’s only complemented by the LED strip headlights. It’s definitely a car that encourages you to see what it has to offer—hell, it just looks like it’s challenging me to get behind the wheel.

The hood appears to be smooth, offset by a subtle duo-bubble roof effect that you can just feel the air gliding over.


It’s hard to make any sweeping assumptions from a single, darkened teaser, but this image has definitely done its hype-building work. We’ll have to wait a month to delve into its actual specs, but for now, we can just appreciate a potentially good-looking car.


Alongside its Pininfarina-designed car, Karma will also be debuting the mysterious electric Vision concept, pictured above, and its next-gen Revero. Can Karma succeed this time where Fisker failed? We’ll find out soon.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated this concept is an SUV; Karma says it is not. We regret the error.

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