K-Pop Superstars BTS Become Formula E Ambassadors To Raise Climate Change Awareness

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The K-Pop wave has been sweeping across the world for a while now with no group bigger than superstar group BTS. Now, in a totally unprecedented move, BTS has become Formula E ambassadors in an effort to raise climate change awareness. That’s pretty huge—it’s rare for such a massive group to partner with a racing series, let alone on this big of a scale.


It’s a move that makes sense, considering the fact that the electric series is making its South Korean ePrix debut this season. The goal here is mainly to join two high-profile entities—Formula E and BTS—in order to highlight environmental concerns. FE, for example, really focuses on emissions in the transportation sector while BTS highlights the human health risks in the press release. Why not join forces?

Here’s more from the press release:

With air pollution presenting the single largest environmental risk to human health today and causing more deaths each year than smoking cigarettes (according to the World Health Organisation), both Formula E and BTS hope to inspire the next generation and millions of young fans to embrace clean energy and become future drivers of electric vehicles.

Bringing racing to the streets of some of the most progressive cities around the world, Formula E aims to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles and in turn tackle air pollution and counteract climate change. As the only form of motorsport to not produce any tailpipe emissions, Formula E’s primary purpose is to increase the number of electric cars on the road and the series regularly connects with influential partners to spread its message.

I’ll be honest. This partnership likely benefits FE far more than it does BTS. The South Korean group has garnered over 60 million listeners on Spotify in 2019 alone. While FE gained over 400 million combined viewers in its fifth season, it’s still considered a pretty niche form of sporting. It’ll be a great thing for the series to have K-Pop fans around the world tuning in.

The South Korean ePrix will take place on May 3, 2020, taking in sights like the Jamsil Sports Complex and part of the Olympic Stadium.

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carter [L03 THM200-4R]

If the target audience here is teen and pre-teen girls then that’s actually cool, right? What dad doesn’t want his daughter to dig motorsports, even if the motors are electric? If liking BTS is what gets them there, then so be it. Everyone wins.

Do a crossover TV series where the BTS guys are Formula E racers. Fill that shit up with K-Pop and cool racing scenes. 

Call it Initial E.