Just Watch This Japanese Video Of A Snowy Roof Because It's So Very Satisfying UPDATED

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Screenshot: YouTube

I’m guessing that just by looking at the first frame of this video where it’s all going to end up, but, I promise it’s still somehow worth watching. It’s a slow build-up, but a lovely, satisfying payoff. You’ll see.

This happened in Japan, Yuzawa City in the Akita Prefecture, which is in the Northern part of the main island of Japan. I’m not exactly sure what this garage is used for normally, or those trucks back there, but I have heard Yuzawa is known for sake production, so I’d like to believe it’s involved with that.

Anyway, here, watch:


(UPDATE: Dammit, they deleted the tweet! The whole account! Why? I’ll see if I can find it in another source. Sorry!)

(UPDATE 2: Thanks to a reader named Bill, we have the video again!)

Rory, the guy who hangs around here and claims to be our Editor-in-Chief (?), claims to have been a former roof snow-shoveler, and declared this the best possible outcome.

I bet whoever has to shovel the driveway and parking lot wouldn’t agree.

While we’re here, we may as well try and ID these trucks, right?

Screenshot: YouTube

I think the green one on the left might be a Hino, maybe both the big trucks are Hinos? The kei truck on the far right I’m pretty sure is a Toyota Pixis:

Screenshot: Toyota Japan

...and I’m not sure about that black little SUV. Maybe one of you clever commenters can figure that out.

Anyway, I hope that big avalanche was a bit satisfying for you to watch.

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Well, it is Japan; I’m guessing that it ends with a robot having sex with an underage catgirl in a school uniform.