Just Make The Damn Kia Proceed Wagon Already

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Kia’s debuting its Proceed Concept car in Frankfurt later this month, but to get the masses excited before the reveal, the company has hit us with a couple of photos. Based on what I see, Kia just needs to toughen up and do it. Make the wagon.

The whole idea behind the Proceed Concept is to give people an idea of what the next-generation cee’d could look like. But let’s be real, we know what the current cee’d looks like, and it’s probably safe to say there’s no way in hell the next one is going to be anything close to that gorgeous red beauty in this pictures. I’ve had my heart broken far too many times by auto show concept cars to believe otherwise.


But maybe Kia will step up to the plate and save me from heartache, after all. The company’s press release indicates that Kia might want to make a “halo” version of its little cee’d econobox. Kia’s European Chief Designer (based out of Frankfurt) Gregory Guillaume said:

With many European drivers now seeking performance alternatives to the three-door hot hatch, we began thinking about a different halo model for the cee’d family. The Proceed Concept represents a bold new vision of how the vibrant soul of the pro_cee’d could be reincarnated and revitalised for a new generation of performance-oriented drivers.

The press release also says the concept “puts forward a bold vision for a potential member of the next-generation cee’d family.” So perhaps this beautiful red wagon—which Kia calls an “extended hot hatch” for whatever reason—could become a performance car separate from the little cee’d we know and love, but on which that little economy car simply draws its design inspiration?

No. No that’s never going to happen. But it should. The side profile is gorgeous, especially with that “SharkBlade” c-pillar and that strong beltline. Even the front, with the Kia-family tiger nose grille and “sculpted island bonnet” from the Stinger just looks mean.


Kia. Just do it. You did the rear-wheel drive 365-horsepower Stinger, now take it one step further. One. Little. Step.