Just Buy The Damn Cadillac Already

In the recurring series, Yes, GM Builds Cars Worth Buying, we turn again to the 2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport. Patrick drove one somewhat sideways on some snowy backroads outside Washington, D.C. That's not something you could always do with a Cadillac.


And even if you did, would anyone believe that reason, along with other things like being beautifully put together and comfortable and loaded with gadgets that (mostly) work

Let's start off with the stereotype, thanks to Victorious Secret:

Doesn't matter how good this car is, people will still say "LOL TOO EXPENSIVE COMPARED TO GLORIOUS GOD BUILT GERMANS K THX L8R"

And how does Cadillac fix it?

Victorious Secret:

Cadillac's problem is rampant and shameless fanboyism. I don't know if anyone has a cure for that. All Cadillac can do is avoid falling victim to the "its good enough" mentality the Germans have adopted lately and continue to put out competitive products.

Maybe Cadillac needs to stop trying to compare themselves to the Germans in any respect. Maybe they just need to go back to that "Standard of the World" mentality and simply make what they know is great and then let the Germans play catch up.

I'm not saying the Germans sucks (they don't) but if you objectively take a look at everything out there right now, Cadillac delivered quite a blow to the balls of their competition. Right now, and I stress that RIGHT NOW, cars like the CTS are just better value propositions.



Just keep doing what they've been doing. Sales are jumping in leaps and bounds year-over-year, people will come around in time. Us car-folk need to tell people, not say Cadillac is "the best buy" or whatever, but just say "look, go sit in one, go drive one - open minded, and see for yourself". That's how I got my sister in law into a Verano and now she loves the shit out of it.

That strategy likely won't work in Europe, but they are a silly people.


Will you spread the word by opening your wallet and buying an American super-sedan?

I still say matching Euro prices for a relatively new and unrespected-by-many entrant is at best, a debatable strategy. Undercutting the competition and then slowly raising prices once people are hooked, like Lexus did, seems to have helped them.

Right now, the Germans dominate the European market. And the American market. And the Asian market. That won't change at the same rate as the Americans lost the American market - as the Germans aren't falling apart. Most Cadillac buyers also bought/buy for the badge. At one time Caddy was like BMW and MB rolled into one.

Perhaps what you say is the best way - Cadillac should be Cadillac. Don't try to emulate others.


So, Cadillac, don't try to be something you're not. Hell, with stuff like the CLA and 2-series Active Tourer, even the Germans are being things they're not.

Photo: Patrick George

Also, I really had to give Spiegel this honorary COTD.

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