Just Another Day In L.A. As Cadillac Flips Over Yaris

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Snapped by Jalopnik reader Scott Pargett as he made his way around LA yesterday by motorcycle, this Cadillac CTS appears to have struck the parked Yaris before flipping onto its roof, moderately inconveniencing a bum. What happened?


Scott didn't witness the accident himself, but arrived on the scene shortly after.

"I'm sure it was just a dumbass driver texting or staring at their shoes while driving," says Scott. "Always reassuring. The dude was just passing by, but made for great commentary."


Sharing the road with idiots like this is what makes motorcycling so much fun.

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I'm glad to see that the red Mitubishi Might Max on the right appears to have escaped unharmed.

(I really can't tell if it's a Mighty Max, it's twin, the Ram 50, or some other 80's Japanese mini truck, but i like saying Mighty Max. Mighty Max, Mighty Max, Mighty Max).