Joule MPV Brings South African Engineering To Paris Show Floor

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We brought you word of the Joule all-electric MPV yesterday, a South African entrant in the new electric car wars, and now we have live shots of the Joule on the Paris show floor. The little Afrikaaner is produced by a new tech company called Optimal Energy and was designed by a former Jag stylist — though we're going to have to take their word for it. According to Optimal, the Joule is all-electric with motor-driven front wheels and in-wheel magnetic propulsion at the rear, delivering a range of 125 miles on a single battery pack or 250 miles with two — impressive. We also like how Joule is a play on South Africa's notorious blood-diamond trade as well as a reference to energy — if you can't make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of? Presser after the jump.

Joule is Africa’s first battery electric engineering masterpiece from Optimal Energy. The silent passenger MPV is manufactured as a standard six-seater which complies with UN-ECE safety standards offering an optimal, no-compromise, and zero emission urban driving experience. Joule is as beautiful and elegant as it is stylish with a classically timeless appeal set to transform the face of the urban transportation landscape. Developed from the outset as an electric vehicle, Joule delivers optimal design, maximum interior space and a minimal exterior and environmental footprint. * Maximum 400km Range * Regenerative ABS Braking system * Steel space frame and side impact protection * Two dynamic drive train options * Excellent vehicle handling and dynamics * Sports-like acceleration from standstill * Optimal interior space with minimal exterior footprint


[Optimal Energy]

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Bentoboxx, My Tank is full of it

Was this named after the siger Jewel? I mean, they both have a messed up grill!